Officers and Committees
President Kathleen Leighton
Vice President Jill Freeman
Treasurer Sally Sondesky
Corresponding Secretary Kathy Oettinger
Recording Secretary Marguerite Satterfield

2013-2014 COMMITTEES
Acquisitions Marguerite Satterfield
Auditors Tracy McCoy
Building & Grounds Bob Johnson
By-Laws Carol McCloskey, Sally Sondesky
Computer John Dignam, Russ Lake, Charles Satterfield
Genealogy Sally Sondesky, Vicki MacDougall, John McKeough
Historians Carol McCloskey, Sally Sondesky
Merchandise Carol McCloskey,Russ Lake (Ebay)
Programs Kathy Leighton and members
Security Rick Shapiro
Ways & Means Carolyn Per, Carol McCloskey
Webmaster Laurie Van Sant